These are summaries of our web design and photography services for quick reference.

Client Websites

These are my first two commercial client websites as an independent designer.  I have been designing websites since 2003, first as an instructor and then while working at different jobs.  Click here to learn more about our web design service.

Restaurant - Brooks, Alberta
Label-It logo
Supplier - Calgary, Alberta

Website Photography

This service not only sets us apart from most web design services, but it will also set your website apart from the crowdClick here to learn more.

Stock Photography

You can also find photography for your website or other advertising needs from our stock photography collection.  Click here to learn more.

Other Designs

We can design a basic logo for your business and/or website.  We can also create basic animations, like that squiggly line you see moving across the screen.  Click here to learn more.

Aerial/Drone Photography

Click here to learn more.

People & Event Photography

Click here to learn more.