Web Design




I’m Dave, the web designer (and photographer) at Sight & Sound Studios and I like to design websites that get straight to the point.

Dave taking a photo in the Sand Hills
Horizon Photography logo
Sight & Sound Studios logo

I can also design a basic, text-based logo.
(Maybe hire a graphic designer for more intricate designs.)

In other words, my goal is to simply and effectively get your message across.

(Just like I’m doing right now.)

And like I did on this site, where the client wanted just a basic message (and some professional photography).

Label-It logo

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Getting your message across so that visitors want to connect with you?

Without a bunch of frills?

Well, maybe some frills

Click below to learn more about what I do or to connect with me so we can start working on a solution together.