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Dave taking a photo in the Sand Hills

I’m Dave, the web designer (and photographer) at Sight & Sound Studios.  I handle the technical side, but my wife Susan (the “Sound”, a.k.a. the music teacher) gives feedback about the artistic side.

Together, our web design philosophy

–– simple, clear, concise ––

is all about creating a lightweight design that still packs a punch

Consider this testimony from a grateful client

who requested a re-design of their existing site

Here are the details about our web design services.  Click on a question to learn more.  Contact us with any questions.


How long have you been designing websites?

I (Dave) started in 2003, first as an instructor and then while working at different jobs before launching Sight & Sound as an independent designer.  Learn more here.

What standard features would my site have?

Included in the cost of any website that we design are the following:


Your site will undergo Search Engine Optimization to increase its visibility on Internet search engines like Google.

SSL certificate

A Secure Sockets Layer certificate is a padlock on your website to show that your data is secure.

Mobile readiness

Your site will be developed on desktop, but also optimized to work and look great on tablet and phone – where a majority of people now search the Internet.


Your site and its data will be backed up regularly.

Who and where do you service?

I (Dave) service anybody who wants a new website. I can also re-design or edit an existing site, which I can make possible by arranging the transfer of the site to my web hosting provider.

Although I could design a website for anyone globally, I prefer a client base in and near Southern Alberta, Canada.  Why?

  • First, the personal touch!
  • Second, do you want a stranger developing one of your most important marketing tools?

Meeting potential clients in person gives me the best sense of them and their business, organization, or institution.  This also reduces development time because many questions are answered beforehand. And – call me old-fashioned – but I like to put a name to a face.

While there, I can also take professional photos for your site – upon request – which will make your site even more unique.

Whether or not I meet you in-person, I will use e-mails, phone calls, video chats, etc. to make sure everything is done to your liking.

Do you provide photos for websites?

We not only provide existing photos (learn about our stock photography), but we can also TAKE ones of your actual products and location!  Our professional website photography service is what sets us apart from most web design services.  Click here to learn more.

Do you design logos?

I (Dave) can design a basic logo that is text-based.  I can turn a more complex sketch that you provide into a logo.  Contact me with an idea and I’ll be honest about what I can and cannot deliver.  Here are examples of logos I’ve created.

Label-It logo
Horizon Photography logo

I can also create basic animations, like that squiggly line you see moving across the screen – tasteful little touches that will add more life to your website.

Do you design small websites?

Some web designers shy away from customers they consider too small or unimportant.  We consider NO customer too “small” or unimportant – and neither is the size of your site, whether single- or multi-page, or whether you want it to be basic or more sophisticated.  You might say that Sight & Sound is your small-business specialist!  We also regard the small town/rural customer as equally as the big-city customer.

No is too small!

One client is a small business owner who wanted a basic website.  He also used our website photography service to get unique, professional photos.  Click the logo to view the site.  And yes, we designed the logo.  Nothing too artistic – but hey, it works, right?  Simple.  Clear.  Concise.

Can you help me with my social media?

I (Dave) can set up your social media pages and profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Tripadvisor.  I will show you how to update them or else you can pay me to update them.

We do not provide social media marketing services, such as creating and managing ad and e-mail marketing campaigns. 

How much does a website cost?

Sight & Sound will design a quality site for an initial cost that reflects your specific needs and a reasonable annual hosting fee.  Here is a breakdown:

  1. The initial cost to design/re-design your site. To help determine this cost, an initial consultation will be needed – whether in-person or through e-mail, phone, and/or video chat.
  2. An annual hosting fee to pay for hosting your site on a web server, with the first year due up front.

In other words, Sight & Sound doesn’t offer “package deals” or one-size-fits-all options like “$___ per page.”  Every site is different and so every site should cost different.

A flat rate could mean a small site costing what a larger site does.  And beware if somebody offers you a great deal up front for a larger site – you will likely be charged higher hosting or maintenance fees to make up the difference, costing you more in the long run.

Here are other costs, no matter who you hire to design your site:

DOMAIN NAME. You can't have a website without one! This is your “web address,” like mysite.ca or mysite.com. You have to buy one first and then pay to renew it. You can either buy this yourself through a provider like GoDaddy or, if that’s too intimidating, I can do this for you and then you would reimburse me. Sight & Sound wouldn’t own your domain name, you would, but you would simply be simply choosing to let me link the website that I develop for you to your domain name until you choose otherwise.

SITE MAINTENANCE/UPDATES. Many web designers will charge a flat monthly or annual fee for maintenance and/or updates – whether or not they actually do any! Sight & Sound will only bill for any maintenance or updates as requested and approved by you. Please note that this is different from a hosting fee, which is necessary for any website.

PLUG-INS (if needed). These enhance the look and/or functionality of your site. Many are free, but if there are certain plug-ins that I cannot find the best free solutions for then you will be billed for these as well, but only upon your approval.

PHOTOGRAPHY. Quality photography is CRUCIAL to a quality site and well worth the extra cost to pay somebody for. I can do your website photography, or you can hire somebody else or use existing photos. I also sell stock photos.

Book an initial web design consultation today or contact us with any questions.


Do you already have a website?

For only $49, I can provide a complete Website Health Checkup.